HYDROSTORM NIGERIA LIMITED is a registered construction firm with the federal ministry of works. HYDROSTORM NIGERIA LIMITED has been responsible for the construction of a number of water projects, which includ e dams, boreholes, surface water development and treatment plant installation. Other civil works undertaken by Hydrostorm include: jetty construction, telecom mast construction and installation.


HYDROSTORM has the capacity to execute all kinds of Design in:
* Road design
* Bridges and culvert design
* Transportation and traffic planning
* Route Survey
* Pavement evaluation
* Pavement design
* CAD Plan and profile drawings
* Hydraulic Structures
* Soil and laboratory testing


Pre- Feasibility and Feasibility Studies (Institutional, Economic and Financial)
* Industrial Surveys
* Technical, Economic, and Financial Studies
* Master Planning
* Conceptual Planning and Design
* Topographical Studies
* Hydro-logical Studies
* Hydro graphical Studies
* Geological and Geo-technical Surveys
* Site Investigations
* Preliminary and Final Engineering