HYDROSTORM is a firm of Consultants with professional practice embracing the full range of activities in Civil, Electro-Mechanical engineering and Architecture with special expertise in Water Resources, Environmental Management, Transportation Engineering and Renewable Energy.
The main objective of HYDROSTORM is to provide top flight service in selected areas of specialization.In the short span of its existence, HYDROSTORM has executed an impressive list of Projects in Nigeria.
Mainly in areas of Transportation, Water supply, Irrigation, Renewable Energy, Structures and Agriculture. These projects have been executed with thoroughness and dispatch to the satisfaction of the Clients.Some of the projects were funded by International development agencies such as the UNICEF and the African Development Bank.
HYDROSTORM is managed and staffed by reputable, competent and experienced engineers whose goal is the production of first class service for our clients. The directors and top management of the firm have been engaged in consulting engineering practice in Nigeria and overseas.
The benefits of a large reputable consultancy firm like HYDROSTORM cannot be over emphasised since it affords our clients the services of a large pool of experts.


HYDROSTORM has the capacity to execute all kinds of Design in:
* Road design
* Bridges and culvert design
* Transportation and traffic planning
* Route Survey
* Pavement evaluation
* Pavement design
* CAD Plan and profile drawings
* Hydraulic Structures
* Soil and laboratory testing


HYDROSTORM NIGERIA LIMITED is a registered construction firm with the federal ministry of works. HYDROSTORM NIGERIA LIMITED has been responsible for the construction of a number of water projects, which includ e dams, boreholes, surface water development and treatment plant installation. Other civil works undertaken by Hydrostorm include: jetty construction, telecom mast construction and installation.


Pre- Feasibility and Feasibility Studies (Institutional, Economic and Financial)
* Industrial Surveys
* Technical, Economic, and Financial Studies
* Master Planning
* Conceptual Planning and Design
* Topographical Studies
* Hydro-logical Studies
* Hydro graphical Studies
* Geological and Geo-technical Surveys
* Site Investigations
* Preliminary and Final Engineering

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